At Centurion Flight Services we...
Provide Customized Tours
Fly to many exciting destinations.  Let us plan your ideal travel itinerary.
Put you in Control
Charter gives you complete control over your travel plans with flexibility to set your own schedule. We will meet you at the airport of your choice and fly you directly to your desired destination. If you wish, your aircraft and crew can stand by for your return trip.  With Centurion Flight Services you will never miss a flight and your bags are loaded while you watch.  Avoid the delays and uncertainties of the airlines.
Are your Personal Aircraft & Crew
From the moment you board your Centurion Flight Services charter, the aircraft and flight crew are exclusively yours; conduct a meeting, work in privacy or just stretch out and relax. Travel in first-class comfort and arrive refreshed.
Help you Expand your Horizons
Centurion Flight Services will help you maintain the personal touch. We can take you to remote locations and put you in direct contact with your clients. Expand into new markets by giving your business the mobility demanded in today's marketplace.

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